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Navin-Chandra Naidu, LL.M, UK, LL.D USA

HOEPA - Home Ownership and Equity
Protection Act


Tel: 402-403-1788 (Tom Widlar),

Clerk of the Tribal Court)

Tel: 406-477-6854 (Verdell Duhart),
Clerk of the Tribal Court

Fighting Foreclosure Fearlessly and Firmly - PDF

A Treatise on the Law of Mortgage
By Richard Holmes Coote, Esq.
Part 1 - PDF

Ecclesiastical Judges Rules of Court
  • Judge Navin-Chandra Naidu
    Tel: 626-428-7669
  • Pastora Anna Mikhalidis
    Tel: 626-483-5239
  • Pastor Ron Fandrick
    Tel: 253-203-5482

"Governments, professional associations of lawyers and educational institutions shall ensure that there is no discrimination against a person with respect to entry into or continued practice within the legal profession on the grounds of race, colour, sex, ethnic origin, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth, economic or other status, except that a requirement, that a lawyer must be a national of the country concerned, shall not be considered discriminatory"...As adopted by the Eighth United Nations Congress on the Prevention of Crime and the Treatment of Offenders, Havana, Cuba, 27 August to 7 September 1990.

Court Clerks and Administrators
  • TomWidlar (OH)
    Tel: 402-403-1778
  • Carol Lynn (WA)
    Tel: 425-577-0677
  • Rute Hill (IL)
    Tel: 773-355-9556
  • Darrel Saucier (CA)
    Tel: 951-760-9662
  • Kamal Musleh (NC)
    Tel: 919-638-9626
    Tel: 919-273-8611
  • Beatrice Flores (CA)
    Tel: 951-515-3475

  • Law Offices
  • Robert E. Caruso
    Spokane, Washington - USA
    Tel: 509-953-5516 mobile
    Tel: 509-323-5210 office

  • Elder F. A. (Hans) Woodcock
    Tel: (206) 244-4787 (Washington)
Special Prosecutor  
  • Matthew F. Pfefer
    Washington State Bar #31166
    Washington - USA
    Tel: 509-323-5210
    Fax: 509-326-9438

Education Protocols  
  • Robert 'Smokey' Doore
    Chairman, Browning School Board - Dist. #9
    Browning, Montana - USA
    Tel: 406-240--359
    Fax: 406-338-2570

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"Why do you call me 'Lord, Lord' and do not do what I say?" - Luke 6:46

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Judge Naidu writes to U.S. Supreme Court Justices en banc regarding immigration visas for Christian religious workers. Read the letter here

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